PCs, Macs and networking

Help me quick!

If you need help quickly, get in touch right now! We are here to help.

Slow computers

Get our quick and easy MOT style checks right now. No more waiting for your computer to start working for you.

Windows 10 upgrades

If you want to get on Windows new operating system, Windows 10 but don't feel confident doing it yourself, get in touch.

Buying new?

Thinking about buying new kit? Would you buy a house without an estate agent? Get helpful and practical advice on chosing a new device for your future.

Home networking

Fed up of wires all over the place? Can't get wifi in the loft? Don't worry, we can help. All home networking services provided.

Broadband and Fibre installations

If you are upgrading your internet service, get the expert advice on how to set it all up.

Parental controls

With the use of intenet based chat and social media it is important to keep your children safe from bullying, spam and crime. Let us help you protect what is most important to you at home.

Backup, Security and virus removal services.

Online data is becoming an important asset to us all including criminals. Plan ahead of the crime and protect your data and identity today before it is too late.

Laptops and notebooks

All repairs and servicing on laptops and notebooks to keep you on the move.

Simple call out

1 call out fee within the Worcestershire and Herefordshire counties and includes the first hour of work on site, or off site.

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Per hour

A simple hourly rate on or off site. If you need to get working again quickly, this may be your best option. A call out may be required to diagnose any issues.

£25 p/h
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We also offer an off site service at £20 per hour but not all jobs can be done off site. Please also check our social media websites for special offers, which we run often. Prices are subject to change without notice or reason and agreed on a per job basis.